Throwback Thursday: “Deathless” by Throwdown

Seven years ago, in 2010, Throwdown dropped their sixth studio album”Deathless” via Nuclear Blast records. The album has been teased for some time and been released in the US for two months prior to hitting our European shores. It was a big surprise for some fans, making the leap from their hardcore-punk-metal sound to a groove metal sound more akin to something you’d expect from Pantera, Down or Crowbar. The style had been previously hinted at with covers of “Becoming” and “A New Level” by Pantera and “When Planets Collide” by Crowbar released on the “Venom & Tears” touring cycle. The biggest departure on “Deathless” is vocally with Dave Peters previous bark replaced by a fusion of unclean singing and harsh whispers. The decision to go with Mudrock as the producer and Zeuss as the mixer seems to have been part of this decision, though in truth, the style change isn’t as big musically from the previous album “Venom & Tears”.  Its a powerful an introspective record and well worth a hour of your time.

1. The Scythe 00:00
2. This Continuum 03:55
3. Tombs 07:36
4. The Blinding Light 11:37
5. Widowed 17:45
6. Headed South 23:32
7. Serpent Noose 28:47
8. Ouroboros Rising 32:57
9. Skeleton Vanguard 37:18
10. Pyre & Procession 41:38
11. Black Vatican 45:40
12. Burial At Sea 48:59

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