Bootleg: Crowbar Live In Toulouse, France from 2016!

Live in Toulouse, France at Le Saint Des Seins club on 14th May 2016, a pro-shot full set in high definition from the legendary Crowbar. One of the final dates from the “Symmetry In Black” Tour, Crowbar are pioneers of the American sludge metal scene. From New Orleans, Louisiana, bringing that slow, low-key, brooding doom metal sound infused with hardcore punk aggression.┬áIt doesn’t get better than this.


01. Conquering 00:00
02. High Rate Extinction 03:40
03. The Lasting Dose 07:19
04. New Dawn 13:05
05. Burn your World 17:59
06. To build a Moutain 21:50
07. Type O Negative – Black No.1 Bass-cover 25:50
08. The Cemetery Angels 27:13
09. Walk with Knowledge Wisely 31:20
10. No Quarter 38:02
11. All I had I gave 44:45
12. Planets Collide 49:10
13. Like broken Glass. 55:22
14. Existence is Punishment 60:40

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