NEWS: “Xplicit” from Asking Alexandria. Only new song worth mentioning!

The new self titled album from Asking Alexandria could have been all that and then some. But instead AA chose to continue the sound of “The Black” instead of taking Danny Worsnop’s return, seizing the moment and returning to their roots. We gave it a listen after our fears from the first couple of songs being pre-album released and then decided not to review it. Simply because we didn’t want to listen to it enough times to write the review. Remember that’s our opinion and others are available, maybe you think it’s the best thing since Baywatch. Who knows?!! Having that…. The hidden bonus track “Xplicit” is a cracker. The best thing on the album by far. So it’s got something going for it at least. Sumarian Records should have kicked their collective asses onto gear for this one.

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