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NEWS: Main-De-Gloire return for round #2!

…1st October will see Main-De-Gloire wake up and smell the coffee as their new album “This Is Reality” lands on planet Metal. The band have shared a second single in quick succession with “Away MMXXI” with the band offering up early Asking Alexandria vibes on this one, which is ironic as they’re a band who

Spotlight: Most Metal Streams?

Metal Sucks have put together a list of the most streamed Metal acts on Spotify, courtesy of the Spotify Wrapped campaign which started releasing its statistics to the unsuspecting World last week. The list contains more than a few surprises with bands who haven’t released material in several years like Throwdown managing to a achieve

Police! Pull Over! #31: Asking Alexandria Vs As I Lay Dying!

Both Asking Alexandria and As I Lay Dying are controversial bands in their own right, for very different reasons. While now released and seemingly reformed As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was sent to prison for hiring an undercover police officer to kill his estranged wife. Asking Alexandria on the other hand split with

NEWS: To The Rats And Wolves in March!

Hailing from Essen Germany, 12 legged Electro-Metalcore crew To The Rats And Wolves will be upon our shores in March. Their “Cheap Love” European Tour will have a pair of UK stops having previously been upon our shores with Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides. The new album itself isn’t yet available for pre-order. 22nd

Spotlight: Metalcore.

Yesterday Hard Core dropped a list of their Top 10 Metalcore bands, which you can watch here But, while it’s a decent list and the likes of Ice Nine Kills, While She Sleeps and Architects are deserving of a mention, there are some glairing admissions. So here are 5 of our own from the current

The Black Map #21: Silent Screams from Coventry!

Continuing our journey across the black map of the UK underground metal scene, we come to the fair city of Coventry. Perhaps the birth place of legendary figure, St. George “The Dragon Slayer”, patron Saint of England but more aptly the place that Chuck Berry recorded his No. 1 single “My Ding-a-ling”, doing so at

NEWS: Bohemian Grove release live clips from Denmark!

Bohemian Grove have posted a couple of (unfortunately) short audio snippets from the Copenhagen, Denmark stop of their 2017 European tour with Asking Alexandria  & The Word Alive. “Demons” and “Refuse to be a Martyr” are both from the bands current 2017 album “Hollow” which is out via Duckphone Records. A single upcoming tour date on 25th

Review: “Reverence” by Parkway Drive

A lot has happened since the release of Parkway Drive’s risk taking album “Ire”. The Byron Bay Metalcore band had managed a pair of sold out shows at London’s Brixton Academy in the near 3 year tour run that followed the success that came with the album. A modern piece of Metal with the introduction