Spotlight: Metalcore.

Yesterday Hard Core dropped a list of their Top 10 Metalcore bands, which you can watch here

But, while it’s a decent list and the likes of Ice Nine Kills, While She Sleeps and Architects are deserving of a mention, there are some glairing admissions. So here are 5 of our own from the current Metalcore era that deserve some attention…

#1. Bury Tomorrow. The Southampton band are a regular on the European Festival circuit and new album “Black Flame” cements them as one of the finest British Metalcore offerings.

#2. Silent Screams. The Coventry Metalcore wrecking ball have toured the World with everyone from Asking Alexandria to In Hearts Wake and featured on our Black Map of UK Underground Metal talent.

#3. In Hearts Wake. Alright so while we freely admit that the Australian’s latest offering “Ark” is far from perfect, their older material is awesome and the newer stuff holds up much better live.

#4. Make Them Suffer. The variety on this fellow Australian Metalcore crew’s current album “Worlds Apart” is fantastic!

#5. August Burns Red. Current album “Phantom Anthem” is a banger while older material like “Messengers” are pure class.

Metalcore. A dead and tired, over saturated genre? Nah.

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