Police! Pull Over! #31: Asking Alexandria Vs As I Lay Dying!

Both Asking Alexandria and As I Lay Dying are controversial bands in their own right, for very different reasons. While now released and seemingly reformed As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis was sent to prison for hiring an undercover police officer to kill his estranged wife. Asking Alexandria on the other hand split with frontman Danny Worsnop while his hard drinking and harder drug taking was perhaps at its height and very much in the public eye.

But…. Onto the music. In 2005, San Diego California Metalcore crew As I Lay Dying released arguably their finest album with “Shadows Are Security”. Single “Through The Struggle” being something of an anthem for them.

Also at the height of their success, Asking Alexandria released single “Not Your American Average” in 2009. A decent enough song cut from their debut “Stand Up And Scream” via Sumerian Records. The songs might not sound similar in the first play but rewind and play 47-59 seconds of the As I Lay Dying cut. Then play 2:03-2:13 of the Asking Alexandria cut. Enough said.

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