NEWS: Heart Of A Coward release new single and debut new frontman!

It’s been just over a year since Heart Of A Coward announced the departure of Jamie Graham from their ranks. The former Sylosis frontman stepped back from the music scene to concentrate on his family life with a heavy heart and there is no shame in that. Heart Of A Coward have been in and out of the studio in that time and kept the identity of their new frontman under wraps until now. So who is it? None other than No Concequence frontman Kaan Tasan. No Concequence had announced stepping back for a while last year and Heart Of A Coward’s decision to go with someone of proven Tech-Metal experience is no surprise. The band have also debuted Justin Hill of SikTh fame produced single “Collapse” which was also interestingly mixed and mastered by the genius that is producer Will Putney, guitarist in Fit For An Autopsy and END. On this evidence, the future looks bright. Very bright indeed.

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