NEWS: Mushroomhead announce lineup changes!

Cleveland Ohio Metallers Mushroomhead have announced the departure of a second member this week. Having already seen clean vocalist Jeffrey Nothing depart, the band have now announced the exit of guitarist Tommy Church. The band have made it clear that they’re not splitting up however with this video released on YouTube showing the band in the studio. As you can see and hear, the replacements have not been identified but clearly have the ability to fill the shoes of their predecessors. Mushroomhead have also announced they will not be missing any live shows as a result. The band have regularly chopped and changed members over their 25 plus year career with Waylon Reavis being the last exit. He’s now fronting A Killers Confession. Jeffrey Nothing has previously released a solo album entitled “The New Psychodalia” under the name Jeffrey Hatrix during his Mushroomhead career.



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