Live Review: UK Tech-Fest Day #1 – Thursday 5th July!

It’s hotter than Crematoria and after a lengthy drive and tents pitched, we grab a pint and check out female fronted opening act Jonny Turner [7/10] who’s emotional progressive tech-metal fits the surroundings perfectly despite the heat. The second band on the Waghorn guitars stage is Fractions [8/10]. The fully bearded quintet from Leicester smash out their set in fine form despite the heat. The title track from EP “Forces” is a peach. From Her Ashes [8/10] pick things up on a technical side with a barn storming set including “There is always more than one way out” which has to be the longest song title (so far). It has a simply fantastic bass intro and that is why they appeared on our Black Map feature. Bristol’s Emodiment [7.5/10] bring the heavy with their flaming Deathcore sound, infused with Death Metal solos and blast beats. The sweep picking is incredable. Taken By The Tide [7/10] bring their 7 string playing dreadlocked bassist to the party and complete with speech samples, hammer out slab after slab of Tech-Metal. It maybe their first time at this parade but they’ve been trying for a while and give it their all. Siamese [7.5/10] bring the party UK Tech-Fest with their Punk Goes Pop Metal meets R&B. Their mid-set covers mashup even features some Stray  From The Path. Set highlight “Brother” brings the melody and helps to break up the heavier bands like the best of pallet cleansers. Ursus [7/10] bring back the heavy with Deathcore inspired riffs, Tech-Metal tapping solos and the full on make-up experience. A second guitarist could make all the difference as their vocalists throat shredding uncleans tear through the fabric of the sound curtains. Blackpool’s Ravenface [6/10] bring the progressive with a set that features a fair amount of newer material. Their lead guitarist may have her fingers taped up, presumably after a break but there is no need for sheer amount of backing track on show that at least intros and outros each song. They clearly have talent, but live should be live. Crazy Japanise crew Crystal Lake [9/10] bring the bounce with a high energy set that sees Tech-Fests first full on circle pits going off. Including their devilishly heavy version of “Rollin'” by Nu-Metal veterans Limp Bizkit which goes down a storm, especially with members of Peception and the Nuns in the audience. Phenomenal. Returning to UK Tech-Fest and complete with former No Consequence frontman Kaan Tasan in place are DJent heroes Heart of a Coward [10/10]. If anyone had any doubt, those doubts are gone within the first 30 seconds of their set. Having completed a run of sold out smaller venue shows, tonight has to be the biggest show they’ve played in a long time. They absolutely smash it. From the very start to the last note, circle pit after circle pit whirlwinds. The band are sharper than a razor and deliver everything played to perfection. New song “Collapse” is a forerunner for a new album that will be released in early 2019 and set closer “Deadweight” is absolutely crushing. Britain’s got talent. It’s in Newark.

After Party…

A trio of bands take to the after party stage tonight with Of Virtue [7/10] opening things up. The American Metalcore band are on a tour that will by its close take in 22 foreign lands and a decent crowd head bang along to their sounds. Holland Metalcore crew The Royal [8/10] played at UK Tech-Fest last year and after their Camden show earlier this have done their reputation a decent amount of good. They play a high energy live show and leave it all on the stage. York’s InVisions [8.5/10] close things out on a high with their Deathcore infusions and breakdown after breakdown bringing the mosh. Recent single “Parasite” is a set highlight and they tell us they are hitting the studio to record an album that has already been written and rehearsed after this run of shows.

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