Live Review: UK Tech-Fest Day #2 – Friday 6th July!

Due to circumstances outside of their control, Jinjer have been left stranded with no Visas and therefore forced to cancel UK Tech-Fest and last nights show in Guildford. So we have lineup changes…  Altitudes [7/10] from Bristol open up this mornings proceedings with some well delivered instrumental Technical Metal (or Cathedral Metal as we like to call it). Quintet You Win Again Gravity [6/10] have distinct post-hardcore leanings with their progressive sound but lack enough bite to cut through. The addition of a 3rd guitar playing what could be achieved with a single one for the most part is a waste of time. But when they do amp it up with their heavier material and some uncleans it’s so much better than their clean meanderings. Deathcore heavyweights From Eden To Exhile [8/10] on the other hand deliver punch after knockout punch of bludgeoning riffage, breakdown after breakdown and uncleans vocals galore in some style. New material like “Chug-a-lug” steps things into the technical thrash arena and gives early Lamb of God a run for their money. Chris Schiermann [6/10] starts off the bands instrumental Metal set with “Technical Disabilities” and moves on in some style. Backing him are a trio of veteran band members who play his material to perfection – the songs are just a bit too long and in the heat of the day. Grantham’s Miscreant [7.5/10] deliver a play on insanity and “The Family Ruin” goes down a storm. The quartet have their roots firmly in Deathcore but add a Tech-Metal inspired layer that punches above it’s weight. Glaswegian Metallers From Sorrow To Serenity [7/10] take the main stage and as with the last time we saw them have a backtracked second guitar as well as using it to start and end each song. Songs like “The Golden Age” go down well but the band really need to make a choice. Become a quintet with another guitarist or start playing as a quartet properly. This Is Turin [7/10] bring eerie tones to their take on Death Metal and through a relentless set. Their frontman demonstrates vocal prowess and warmth and charisma. French Tech-Metallers The Dali Thundering Concept [7/10] cut out some of the what on Earth moments of their recent album and go straight for the juggula with a DJent heavy sound and more bass drops than you can shake a stick at.

Italian’s Despite Exhile [7/10] play a high energy set despite the heat, brining the head banging and the bounce. Denmark Sweden’s Vola [5/10] do have some DJent but lean on the progressive side of things, using the clean only vocal and synths. When it’s good, they bounce.
German Tech-Metallers Unprocessed [8/10] step things up with a trio of 8 string guitars on show. Their phenomenal album “Covenant” gets pretty much a full airing given the extra set time and live they are masterful players. Glaswegian’s Bleed From Within [10/10] have made a triumphant return with stunning new material and get greeted with circle pits from the very start. Bangers like “Afterlife” and “Alive” go down a storm and when their frontman crowd surf’s out while screaming along there is a moment where his return to the stage looks impossible as he’s swept away with the tide. Voyager [6/10] are musically efficiently effective but vocally sound like ah-ha on steroids for the most part. The occasional unclean is so far and few between its unnecessary. The Controtionist [7/10] are the soundtrack to an off kilter horror movie. Sliding seemlessly between jagged edged melody and Death Metal. However for the lionshare of tonights set they stick with the newer material and as good as that is one or two more of the older heavier tracks would spice things up right. Tonights headliner make no such mistake. SikTh [9/10] play everything you want to hear from them plus a few other choice cuts. “Hold My Finger” and “Bland Street Bloom” go down a storm in a highly energetic set. Arguably the creators of the Tech-Metal sound, the highly influential band will be touring the UK in September with Loathe.

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