Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? Fight! (Sic) Edition

In the Red corner… London Metallers Counting Days have always been fans of Slipknot. Guitarist Curtis Ward recorded a cover of “Eyeless” before he departed Bring Me The Horizon. So little surprise when his new band decided to do a version of “(Sic)”, also from the bands self-titled major label debut released in 1999 via Roadrunner Records. Recorded at Titan Studios by Producer Steve Sears in the sessions for their critically acclaimed 2014 EP “The War of The Wolf” which gained 8/10 from Metal Hammer and 7/10 from Rock Sound, but don’t take their word for it, check it out for yourself here!

In the Blue corner… Los Angeles, California Deathcore crew Goliath also did a version, for their 2013 covers EP “Modern Idols”. Also featuring covers of songs by KoRn, Hatebreed and The Misfits, it’s a gem of a release and available here. Let’s not forget how influential and important Slipknot are, from their rise at the height of the Nu-Metal era to the present day with the pretty damned fine “5: The Gray Chapter”. There may have been a few mixed bag efforts and finger pointing at “Sour Knot” or “Stone Slip” isms at various points during since 1995, but there is always a “Psychosocial”, “Duality”, “Wait And Bleed”… who can forget the first time they heard Shawn Crahan beat a Keg Drum? Who wins? You decide!

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