Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who wins? FIGHT! Prong #2

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” by Prong is a stone wall classic from a classic album in 1994’s “Cleansing” which the band can’t get away with not playing live, unless they want to be arrested for inciting a riot that is. The influence of Prong should not be underestimated with bands like Dry Kill Logic not existing without them. So as their are birthdays in the Metal Noise camp today, we’re putting head to head once more two versions of one of Prong’s most important songs.

Former Cannibal Corpse vocalist Chris Barnes bandĀ Six Feet UnderĀ have taken a lot of stick over the years but they keep on producing new material including their “Graveyard Classics” covers series. The third edition features the Prong classic and that’s sat in the Red corner recieving a shoulder massage before the next round. In the Blue corner we have Australian Alternative Rockers Grinspoon who did their version on their 1998 EP “Pushing Buttons“. The EP was recorded with the band taking a heavier approach having moved to Los Angeles and toured the US and Canada opening for Godsmack and Anthrax among the living. Who wins? You decide!

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