Riff Police! Pull Over! #25: Cope Vs Bring Me The Horizon!

It’s hard to listen to 2017’s “Tooth & Nail” from 6 piece London Hardcore Punks (or as they prefer “Heavy Punk”) Cope and not hear a number of familiar riffs in the mix. Indeed, part of the EP’s charm is that it feels familiar, like an old flame who you’ve temporarily forgotten why you ditched…. It has that instance and infectiousness of a high energy delivery that lets you know the band are going to be great live, even if they don’t necessarily have the most unique material. One song that stand out for a familiar riff is “Populism”.

That’s because if you rewind to 2008 and check out “Chelsea Smile” from Bring Me The Horizon‘s “Suicide Season”, you’ll realise where you recognised it from. Indeed, if you don’t start singing “I’ve got a secret, it’s on the tip of my tongue…” as that lead riff kicks in, then we’d be surprised. Inspired? Probably. Ripped off? Unlikely. We could make a joke about Cope not wanting to be associated with BMTH post the departure of Jona Weinhofen‎, who since reformed I Killed The Prom Queen, but that’s one for another day!

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