Riff Police! Pull Over #56: Cursed Earth Vs Knocked Loose!

It’s been a not so long dark road for Cursed Earth. Since the departure of Jazmine Luders, the remainder of the Perth Australia outfit wasted precious little time in recording the follow up to 2017s “Cycles Of Grief”. In order to do so, they enlisted the help of no less that 8 heavy hitting vocalists across the 7 tracks of the album, including a number of current favourites to give a certain sense of gravitas to their sound. The subject of this entry in the Riff Police series is “Rock Bottom”, a tune that sees Justice For The Damned guitarist Nick Adams take a turn at the Microphone.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Er… Nah. We shall compare thee to the opening track from “Laugh Tracks” by Oldham County Californian Metallic Hardcore crew Knocked Loose. Perhaps an obvious influence on Justice For The Damned rather than Cursed Earth, “Rock Bottom” features a riff that turned heads during the review writing process for “The Deathbed Sessions”. Haven’t we heard that before? We cried. Yes, oh yes, we had. Check them both out, both albums are stone cold winners.

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