Interview: Ash Emery from I, The Mapmaker!

Ahead of their slot with Harmed and Centuries at The Black Heart in Camden, this weekend, we caught up with the much travelled Ash Emery from Bournemouth’s I, The Mapmaker for an exclusive interview!

Q1. A pleasure meeting you at Upsurge Festival at the end of August! How was your experience?

It was an amazing experience, especially as it was the first one ever! I have nothing but adoration for the organisers of this amazing festival. Ever since lots of other festivals have closed their doors it’s amazing to see a new one thriving and getting the turnout it deserves! Also it was so good to meet so many familiar faces from all over the country like yourself.

Q2. We’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a number of your live cameos. What was it like to join Lotus Eater? How did that come about?

I had done some guest vocals for Lotus Eater before at Fatlip fest earlier in the year and was just asked to do it again. Unknown to me was that they had asked Harry from GOD COMPLEX to come up as well so that was pretty special!

Q3. I, The Mapmaker have landed a slot supporting SikTh and Loathe at Southampton Engine Rooms, you must be stoked for that?

We are beyond excited for that show and we get to see our mates in LOATHE again which is always amazing. SikTh have been a band in this music scene for so long so to be able to open for them at an 800 cap venue (our biggest we have played) is truly incredible!

EDIT: It was even better than any of us could have hoped! A lot of new faces and some familiar ones so was a very happy time for all of us. Loathe and SikTh are just another level live, compared to on record.

Q4. What was it like getting the red carpet treatment at the Heavy Metal Awards?

Well….speechless to be honest, a very very perfect night indeed. We went with our manager Dom Patience and were guests with PUBLIC CITY PR. We stepped through the usual entrance as we were only under the impression that we had been invited to watch it like any other person who was there. The guy giving out wristbands then says “oh are you from a band working with public city” and we were all a bit perplexed and said “yes?”.

He then led us through a roped of entrance outside up the red carpet stairs where we were greeted by about 20 photographers, which is where the pictures with beaming smiles of us were taken.

We then went up the stairs all shook hands like “man that was cool!” and proceeded to meet architects, while she sleeps, underoath and many more big big bands! Many talks were had, many jokes were mad, many drinks were drunk. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Q5. You mentioned I, The Mapmaker having new material in the works, can you share any details with us?

We are heading to the studio again this November to begin recording for record number 2. We will then be back in the new year to finish the record. I can’t say a lot but for anyone who follows this band, the personal song meanings and underlying concept…..It gets a lot deeper and a lot darker haha.

“Searching” by I, The Mapmaker is out now!

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