Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! “Let the Hostilities Begin!”

Probably the album that defined the Groove Metal genre, if not the album that created it, “Vulgar Display Of Power” by Pantera is without a doubt one of the most influential in the modern metal scene. In trio “Mouth for War”, “A New Level” and “Walk”, the 1992 release features three absolute stone wall Metal classics. But it’s “F**king Hostile” that we’re putting up today and a trio of female vocalists!

In the red corner, we have New Years Day, who recorded their version of “F**king Hostile” by Pantera for their EP “Diary of a Creep” that saw release in January via Century Media. The band had been playing the song as part of a their live set for over a year before finally committing to a studio version. Front woman Ash Costello loves to prove older Metal fans wrong when they expect a train wreck of a cover.

In the blue corner, we have Butcher Babies live in San Antonio. While they didn’t record their version of the song for their EP “Uncovered”, they certainly know how to rip it up in the live arena with Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey going toe to toe! Who wins? You decide!

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