Review: “at Odds” EP by atWood

Female fronted trio Milan based atWood formed in 2017 playing re-imagined covers in their own style. Seeking to seamlessly blend alternative rock, synth, electronics and even post-hardcore influences in one melting pot of sound. The trio comprises vocalist Alice Grupallo, guitarist Daniele Mammola and bassist Alessio Bastia.

Starting out with “Collision”, the bands sound is anchored by Alice Grupallo’s achingly beautiful vocals, which owe something of a tribute to the likes of Any Lee of Evanescence and Jennie Skulander of New Zealand natives Devilskin. The haunting synth melody gives the sense of depth while some chugging rhythm guitars give more edge during the slow burn atmosphere. “Empty Room” builds in the sound of the previous tune with some colder synths and some expanded instrumental sections that give the listener more opportunity to think on the emotive lyrical content. While there is no drummer listened as part of the band, the drum sound on “at Odds” sounds great. Crisp and clean with some interesting pattering and movements that adds something of note to the sound.

“Black Mirror” has an electronic version of what sounds like Steelpans to add something fresh to the mix during the intro and pre-verse. Buried electronics bridge the verse and chorus neatly while some more lead oriented rhythm guitar work lifts everything. The quality of the recording is really solid with each element given its chance behind the bold vocals. “Zero” takes a more melodic approach with clean guitar tones during the verse that build up the the chorus. The vocal delivery contains a more personal tone against the contrast of the earlier tracks. Something to do with the lyrical content perhaps or the more melodic music brining a more raw quality to them. Closer “Waves” brings back the heavier rhythm guitar tones of the earlier material while also expanding on the lead rhythm elements to give a sound that is much bigger. Perhaps the stand out track, the band have saved their best to last. The way in which the pronunciation is done means you may not get the profanity the first time around but the lyrics are ocean deep with emotion so it doesn’t detract at all. [7/10]

“At Odds” by atWood is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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