Review: “Serenity” EP by Sunfall

It’s the understatement of the year but the well past overdue debut EP from Guildford Post-Metalcore crew Sunfall finally appeared this past weekend. It’s been a while since we caught their live show, spoke to Sam and Oli for an exclusive interview and put them on our Black Map of UK underground Metal talent. The delays have been for a multitude of sins, including the work load of Bound In Fear guitarist Kier Campbell of Kascade Mixing and Mastering, who normally specialises in far heavier works. The departure of vocalist Sam back to Australia was also a factor with Bound In Fear vocalist Ben Mason lending his pipes to their live shows. That being said, a trio of the six tunes have been out for a while with “Extremis” reaching the 9 month point already.

Straight out of the gate like Pitbull let off its leash “Extremis (Bones To Pick)” gets into a slow heavy bass groove of dark menacing atmosphere. Using buried synths to allow the guitars to drop out for entire verse sections and then come back in with that heavy slow Mosh breakdown element is a winner with the vocals shinning pure hatred. Taking things up a notch with one of the unreleased tracks, “Deathbreaker” keeps the atmosphere while introducing some driven energetic riffs and a sense of fun with some loose pounding kit work. Some cleaner uncleans are in the mix during the chorus but the final nail in the track is the vicious Deathcore heavyweight closing that brings the curtain down with style. “Breathe” keeps the heavier vocal parts in and the EP version is heavier vocally than the video version that appeared 6 months ago. Deathcore pig squeals accompany a steady spoken word style unclean and bouncy chugging riffs that encourage the head bang from the very start. A melodic drop to bring back the heavy mid song is another winning one two punch combo while the ferociously delivered heart felt vocals circle around anxiety.

Loathe esq synths bring in “The Empty Black” but it’s the bludgeoningly ferocious kit work that follows it that impresses and it’s accompanying heavy Metalcore riffage that hints at an Architects influence in places. Again, the vocals get progressively heavier as the song plays out and by the end they’re reaching extreme heights. A more Progressive Metalcore track, “Inside” sees Sam again take that vocal range to new heights and lyrically continues a theme of anxieties and Mental Health that is the topic of the day. There are hints at Nu-Metal introspection here however, it’s a full on Metal onslaught. The guitar work on this one, another one of the newer ones, is not only impressive but adds another dimension, showcasing what the band are capable of and perhaps offering a future directions insight. They once again take an Architects influence and a more Progressive DJent inspired tone that adds another string to an already well strung bow. Final offering “Snake” is another of the tunes that has been around for a long while and is already a live favourite. The band create a sense of tension with building riffs that layer up on a slithering bassline, while spoken word style unclean gives an edge. Who hasn’t heard words of wisdom but still faces demons? It’s a powerful closing note that rams the lyrical message of the EP home with a final body blow. For a band that traverse the space between Metalcore, Deathcore and DJent this is a simply phenomenal release [8/10]


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