Throwback: “Die MF Die” by Dope!

We could talk about the rumours that the Ghost of Wayne Static is in fact Edsel Dope using the name “Xer0”. It could just be a coincidence that Dope is on the bill for all of the 20th Anniversary Tour for Wisconsin Death Trip by Static-X but… Then again maybe not. It could also be a coincidence that Xer0 said that he’d spent 20 years touring the World with his own band and creating his own image. Either way, we’ll get to see a pair of bands we’ve followed for many moons in September as they tour the globe for what could be the last time. Never say never but none of these band members are getting any younger and that thing we call life has a habit of getting in the way when you’ve got commitments like wives, kids and mortgages to pay. So for today’s throwback it’s time for “Die MF Die” by Dope. One of their most memorable songs and one that is a simple and effective anthem that everyone can relate to. It appeared 18 years ago on the bands second album “Life” in 2001 via Epic Records. To date it has sold over 73,000 copies. Not bad eh?

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