Throwback: “Disaronno Lips” from Carcer City!

So seeing as it’s Monday and we all hate Mondays (well at least those of us who have to go to work to pay those bills), it’s time for another Throwback tune of yesterday gone by and a trip down memory lane’s yellow brick road. We’re not going to throw back as far as usual due to left arm tendonitis and instead opt for a nostalgic look at “Disaronno Lips” from Carcer City that appeared on their 2012 sophomore album “The Road Journals”. It’s one of a number of tunes that got the attention of not only the UK Underground Metal Scene but also the attention of a then fledgling Stay Sick Recordings who eventually put out the bands third album “Infinite Unknown” some 4 years later. The band themselves have one more show announced so far at this summer’s incarnation of UK Tech-Fest before they hang up their guitars for good.

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