NEWS: Enchantya release new album “On Light And Wrath”!

Releasing their long awaited sophomore album “On Light And Wrath” via Inverse Records on 24th May, Portuguese Melodic Metallers Enchantya have released a music video for “The Beginning”! The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias (MoonspellBizarra LocomotivaWe Are The DamnedSinistro) at the Pentagon Audio Manufacturers.

Vocalist Rute Fevereiro said:
“On Light and Wrath is Enchantya’s musical essay about the two extremes of the human existence and the struggle for balance within and outside the soul. Inspired by the union of opposites Enchantya present this concept in their music, facing darkness in heavy tracks like “Last Moon of March” and “From the Ashes” and diving into the light in moments like “Near Life Experience” and “Downfall to Power”, with the interlude “Alma” making the bridge between two worlds of emotions that are complementary. With the presence of unforgettable guests, a choir and orchestrations, Enchantya promise with “On Light and Wrath” a listening experience that you won’t forget.”

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