Throwback “Not Falling” from Mudvayne!

It’s time for us to say a few things that might be considered controversial. First off for us, while “Dig” was without a doubt the groundbreaking single from Peoria Illinois quartet Mudvayne, it was their complexities, their use of odd time signatures and tapping sequences and the playing that appeared on their first pair of albums that made them influential. The “Math” element of Ryan Martinie’s polyrhythmic bass work and the riffs changing in tempo to reflect the lyrical phrasing that made the band. Sadly it was something that was lost or perhaps grown out of after their first couple of albums. But for us the likes of “Not Falling” from the bands sophomore album “The End of All Things to Come” that appeared in 2002 that was the sound that we wanted from the band. It’s that sound that makes for our love of Tech-Metal today.

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