Live Review: Death To Cancer #5 @ The Black Heart in Camden

A Non Profit Charity Show in aid of MacMillan Cancer Charity “Death To Cancer” entered it’s fifth and final year with arguably it’s most brutal line up to date! For one day only, it’s The Black Heart in Camden that will get destroyed by some music to bleed from the ears to!

We arrive to the sounds of Nutella Loving Grind Lunatics Total Consumption [8/10] talking about their favourite nut based product before bursting some neck muscles in vocal ecstasy at having one’s beard stroked by the front row. How many 7 second tunes can you cram into a 20 minute set? They’re cracking good fun! Squirm [7/10] are a duo who bring live guitars and vocals with recorded drums and bass and still make enough noise to shake the venue brick work! Horror film sample laiden they’re the Evil Dead version of Last House on the Left Meets House by the Cemetery. Coprocephalic Mutilation [8/10] are equally a duo with live guitars and recorded drums and bass with horror film samples however they’re a Deathcore Meets Slam for a rectal exam band with a cheeky sense of humour and a wink in their eyes. Complete with an electronic breakdown and more pig squeals than a bacon factory, what more could you ask for? Body Harvest [7.5/10] are more of your traditional Death Metal band, a 4 piece with a twin axe attack playing an endless game of who can play faster on cuts from their new album “Parasitic Slavery”. Outstanding cut “Consumed by Silence” is one of the Bristol mobs finest. Casket Feeder [7.5/10] deploy buzzsaw guitars and play a sort of Sludge version of Death Metal. The quartet gallop along at pace and include a pair of new songs from an upcoming new album, of which “Wormwood” stands out above the rest. Spawned From Hate [7/10] returned to the live environment last year and bring a plentiful supply of brutal death metal. Still working on a full length album Midlands trio gave guitars vocals and bass and a backtracked drum kit. Not sure about the Judas Priest t-shirt but “Accelerated Butchery” gets its just deserves. Slamming it up as a trio with guitarist Jack Boaden joined by drummer Lewis Candlin and a fill in vocalist in Ben from Visions of Disfigurement due to a family emergency, Chainsaw Castration [8/10] make no apologies and make no mistakes with a brutal set of tracks that will require throat reconstructive surgery in about 48 hours time. Colpocleisis [7/10] have a song in their set entitled “Slovakian Traffic Cone” and promise the first 3 stage divers a milky bar just so they can say “the Milky Bars are on me”, a feat which they achieve with ease. “3rd Degree Burns” is a set highlight and there aren’t many lower notes than the one that ends the final breakdown of their set. Hailing straight from Slamchester are Visions of Disfigurement [8/10] who air not one but two unnamed new songs in their vein popping, hammer throwing set. 2016’s “Abhorrent Extinction” has earned the band a run of support slots with bigger names on on this showing its no surprise as to why. Scottish Irn Bru Death Metallers Scordatura [8/10] have travelled from Glasgow and don’t mince words with a Cannibal Corpse inspired set which doesn’t see a single 8 string guitar in sight. The 5 string bass is played so technically impressively that it’s practically another lead Instrument. Twitch of the Death Nerve [7/10] are a powerhouse trio that create a wall of sound with their Death Metal offering with drummer Mauro M at the heart of it. The Columbian former Goreinhaled man may look like he belongs in Brazilian Hardcore crew Deserto but this band are an entirely different beast. Party Cannon [9/10] are pretty much legends at this point. They bring the party to the show with ticker tape, inflatable beach balls from the very start. When they bring out an inflatable dolphin and ask for the audience to crowd surf Josh to the back of the venue without dropping him, his head 2 inches from the ceiling, they just about get away with it! “Tactical Chunder” is so good it’s got it’s own t-shirt!

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