Live Review: The Freudian Session w/Sore Teeth, My Latest Failure & Weaponry @ Facebar Reading

Ah. The Facebar in Reading on a Friday night. Black Friday night to be precise. It’s all in a good cause tonight as the show is a fundraiser for the Little Princess Trust. They’re a charity that provides real hair wigs free of charge to children suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment…

My Latest Failure [7/10] were formed in 2017 from the ashes of Under Dead Stars and moved from being a straight up Hardcore band to being a Punk injected one, specializing in “Screamy, Shouty & Rough Around the Edges” music with catchy sing-a-long choruses… And you’ll never guess what?! They deliver exactly that! Songs like new single “Disappointment” and “Leech” are great fun with riffs a plenty and when you find yourself singing a long to the second chorus, you can’t go wrong! It might not be complex, technical or frantic, but it sure as hell is good fun drinking music!

We know all about Weaponry [8.5/10] and Al Bristow and the Gentleman are in fine form and despite a technical issue with the bass dropping out add comedic bits of Limp Bizkit and Offspring to expertly fill the time as well as some hilarious banter. New single “Search For Life” is a peach and seems to have extra meaning tonight while “Hard Place” is a sing-a-long thrill ride. The step ladder isn’t abused quite as much tonight by Bristow as it is usually but it is used by The Freudian Session drummer as a body board to move across sweat pools left by Weaponry on the front of the floor!

Sore Teeth [8/10] are a trio from Fleet who create crossover Thrash mixing their love of Municipal Waste and Pennywise. They love a swear word as well. Hammering out a set mixed with comedy moments and banter as well as a medley version of a trio of new songs from their upcoming third album, they’re in fine form themselves. It’s a shame their set comes to an end when a random member of the public appears on stage and seeming spills two cans of beer that kills their bass cab. Still. “Spit In Your Face” is great.

The Freudian Session [8/10] are a Punk meets Metal down a dark alley band with a reputation for bringing noise and banter to the stage with influences ranging from Metallica to Therapy?. A home town headliner and they open up with “SOS” from “Spitting On Swans” which means between the bands there is a fair amount of spitting going on. “Fadeaway” and “Snapchat Wanker” are both great fun and there is plenty of beer flowing by they time they hit not one but two encores after calls for “one more song” from a decent crowd. For some reason they remind us of The Wildhearts in their heyday with their Rock-Metal-Punk sound and sense of humour.

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