NEWS: Bonesteel trapped “Within These Walls”?

Still suffering from nightmares, Guitarist Alex Cain and vocalist Jake Bonesteel are back with new single “Within These Walls”! The Los Angeles Californian Alternative Metal duo do have a live bassist and drummer, the later of whom appears in this video and they did us the honour of participating in our “Under The Influence” series, sharing their love of “City Of Evil” by Avenged Sevenfold. On the new song, Bonesteel comment: “We wanted the visual companion for Within These Walls to not only represent the state of the of mind that the main subject had been going through, but also to focus on those around him and how his mental state also had an adverse affect on their lives as well. We created a glass box to visualize the disconnect that one may have from those they care about. We also wanted to make clear that just like many other diseases, mental diseases can spread as well and anyone can end up in their own mental prison”

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