Under The Influence #19: Strangled on Flesh by Flesh!

Back after a couple of weeks off, Under The Influence gives a chance for some of the lesser lights of heaven to share their influences so you to can check out what your favourite underground bands love!

Fresno California is the home of Brutal Slamming Death Metallers Flesh. April 2018 saw their debut self titled EP utilize the skills of Peter Swiastkowski of Seraph Recordings who handled the recording, mixing and mastering to create something… Let’s just say it’s bone crushingly, browbeatingly, kill everyone and sit back and sip a coffee with the satisfaction that the days work is done, judderingly dirty, bomb blasts are something everyone can enjoy. It’s the American Psycho in audio form and cover art looks like it was pulled from the original Doom so the two in hand like a hammer and a cranium. You can check it out in fullĀ here.

Strangled comment: “Flesh’s self titled release is a no bullsh*t, raw, and feral piece of music from start to finish. Our individual influences are very diverse but the Flesh S/T is one release that we all mutually appreciate for its massively hateful and unapologetic feel, something that we can very much relate too”

The self titled debut from Oklahoma’s Strangled is out now and available over at bandcamp

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