Riff Police! Pull Over! #80: Bring Me The Horizon Vs The Black Dahlia Murder!

The first of three solid and gradually more impressive Metal albums from Bring Me The Horizon saw them as a full on Deathcore outfit. Produced by Dan Sprigg and recorded at DEP International Studios in Birmingham, “Count Your Blessings” split opinion in the Metal community when it dropped in 2006. “(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa” was recorded in Drop B tuning and is one of a number of festering, blistering cuts.

But wait… Haven’t we heard it before? The Black Dahlia Murder recorded “I’m Charming” in Drop C tuning on their sophomore album “Miamsa“. The 2005 offering from the American Death Metallers was the only one to feature drummer Zach Gibson and the last with bassist David Lock and produced by the team of Andreas Magnuson and Chris Dowhan. The album itself takes its name from a now defunct medical theory (“Miamsa Theory”) from the early nineteenth century that diseases could be contracted by breathing in noxious form of bad or in some languages translating as “night” air. Stolen? The Bring Me The Horizon album was pointed out as lacking creativity or originality by some critics. Maybe this is why…


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