Bootleg: Underside cover “Laid To Rest”!

A career in Music is as unpredictable as just about anything else. One minute your flavour of the month and trying to balance live shows with your heroes in Megadeth who want you to declare your allegiance to them and your main squeeze in Lamb Of God, your baby that you’ve helped create from the ground up into something hugely successful. The next minute you’re out of both and watching from the sidelines as while your peers have plenty of kind words for you, your former band mates aren’t as glowing as they once were. That’s the recent past, more or less for Chris Adler. Quite where the drumming powerhouse goes now is going to be interesting. Supergroup? Starting over from scratch? Or stepping into the line up of a band like Testament would all be realistic moves. In the meantime, here’s Chris Adler at the Purple Haze Rock Bar, joining Nepalese Metalcore road warriors Underside for a cover of “Laid To Rest“…

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