Metal Noise: Thanks for 2019! Here’s to 2020!

Johnny: Hold it right there.
Gardenias: It’s me, Johnny.
Johnny: I knew it was you. I can smell you getting off the elevator.
Gardenias: Gardenias, Johnny, your favorite.
Johnny: You was here last night too, wasn’t you?
Gardenias: I was singing at the Blue Monkey last night.
Johnny: You was here and you was smooching with my brother.
Gardenias: That’s a dirty lie, Johnny.
Johnny: Don’t give me that. You been smooching everybody! Snuffy, Al, Leo… Little Moe with the gimpy leg, Cheeks, Boney Bob, Cliff… I could go on forever, baby.
Gardenias: You have me all wrong!
Johnny: All right, I believe you, but my Tommy gun don’t!
Gardenias: Johnny! You’re the only duck in my pond!
Johnny: Get down on your knees and tell me you love me.
Gardenias: Baby! I’m over the moon for you!
Johnny: You gotta do better than that!
Gardenias: If my love was an ocean, Lindy’d have to take two planes to get across it.
Johnny: Maybe I’m off my hinges, but I believe you. That’s why I’m gonna let you go. I’m gonna give you till the count of three to get your lousy, lying, four-flushing carcass out my door! One, two…
(Johnny shoots Gardenias while laughing maniacally)
Johnny: Three. Merry Christmas, you filthy animal. (shoots) And a Happy New Year.

As it’s now officially 2020, we wanted to take a moment to thank a whole host of bands and individuals who made Metal Noise possible in 2019. We’re firm believers that you only get out what you put in and nothing gets nothing so for your time, efforts and participation, we thank you! Here’s the roll of honor, in no particular order;

Joni at Inverse Records
James Thurlby from Cutting Teeth
Donnay Clancy at The Noise Cartel
Jonny Slevin from Veridian
Cat Pereira from Derange
Core System
John Rackowski and Matt Smith from Litost
Jon Asher at Archer Media Relations
More Than Machines
Kial Churcher from MSRY
Jaakko Yli-Sorvari from Dimman
The Curse of Millhaven
Ben from DAO
Alec Cakebread at ngagency
Al Bristow from Weaponry
Jim from FHED
Gecko from The Island
Sam Machin from Arcaeon
Megan Targett from Vexed
Remzi Kelleci of Obszön Geschöpf
Owen Morris from Faces Of Eve
Brandon Kellum of American Standards
Itay “Parkison” Steingold from By Will Alone
Mark from Downfall
Derelict Dream
Riley Rowe of Kinkshamer
Tom Cronin from Road Mutant
Mike de Coene at Hardlife Promotion
Alice from AtWood
Daniel Tjernberg from Blutfeld
Grimgotts vocalist Andy Barton
Alex Cane from Bonesteel
Stephen Brown from Absalom
Oli from Sunfall
George (Markos 6SN) from SixStringNoise
Fabien from Tigerleech
Richard Conroy Philips from Dead Hands
Inhuman Nature vocalist Chris Barling
Visionist guitarist Matt Judd
Jon Sick from Elysian Divide
Together in Tragedy vocalist Alex Woollams
Lasparian drummer Lee Stablein
Fredrik from Cynical Existence
Simon Garrod and the Tech-Fest crew

If there is anyone we’ve missed, then you know who you are, much love! Here’s a Metal cover of “Party Rock Anthem” by Leo Moracchioli featuring Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, originally by LMFAO. Happy New Year! Ya filthy animals!

Metal Noise

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