NEWS: Ghost Toast play Dr Frankenstein!

Hungarian experimental Progressive Alternative Metallers Ghost Toast are set to release their fourth studio album “Shape Without Form” on 3rd March 2020 via Inverse Records. As if the name ‘Ghost Toast’ wasn’t bat s*** crazy enough, they’ve released a music video for the first single “Frankenstein’s“…

Guitarist Rózsavölgyi Bence comments: “Frankenstein’s is mainly inspired by movie scores. The seemingly different, theatrical piano intro and the heavier, odd time signature part are sewn together at the end. This time we wanted to make a music video for a shorter song, and we think this is a very good piece to start the journey what Shape Without Form’s six other songs will offer you. The music video is about monsters. The ones we create and the ones we are living with on the same planet through the times; whether they are just creations of our imagination or real. The list is not complete of course… History has thousands of monsters, which fact should be food for thought. We used old horror movies and documentary films for the making of this video.

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