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The Contradiction are Progressive Oriental Metal band from Czech Republic with members originally from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Poland who have collaborated with members of Silent Generation, Shokran, Obscure of Acacia, Diary of My Misanthropy, Brojob, Marina, Second to Sun and John Wolfhooker to “prove that art don’t have any borders and we all can create beautiful music, no matter who and where we are from“. Nikita Tarassenko (Guitar), Maksym Vulchyn (Vocals) and Ferdinand Elvis Grossman (Drums) have shared stages with Rings of Saturn, Traitors and The Voynich Code in Czech Republic and have dedicated 3 years to creating a conceptual album dedicated to the dark sci-fi universe of Warhammer 40,000. They have promised a diverse and colorful musical mix with elements of Progressive, Oriental, Black and Death Metal, Modern Metalcore, Blackened Deathcore and even DJent, which might sound crazy on the face of it, but who isn’t attempting to cross Metal sub-genres in a single death defying leap these days?

Opening with a Cinematic Christopher Nolan esq instrumental piece in “The Wolves Are Coming“, which sounds like it belongs in The Dark Knight trilogy until it’s final oriental flourish of Sitar sets the tone before “Prospero Burns” bursts into life. A Tech-Metal infused Deathcore track with a dual vocal attack of Deathcore growls and a higher pitched resonance, it’s an epic ripper that contradicts itself with elements that shouldn’t necessarily work together on paper but in reality sound jaw dropping. The track is effectively divided into three parts, the first a full onslaught, the second a slower breakdown heavy section with some bright leads and the third an orchestral backed piece of horror. Each part sits perfectly within the context of the single track with a fluid motion between them. “Welcome To Sortiarius, Planet Of The Sourcerers” sees the first of a wealth of guest appearances with Silent Generation making their mark. Deathcore vocals and make way for a clean sung segment while a change up in the guitars from a classic Deathcore chug to some DJent fueled Tech-Metal parts is impressive to say the least. “Pavoni” features Andrew Ivaschenko of Shokran and given the oriental touches of the earlier tracks, he’s the perfect candidate to appear as a guest on an an album like this. Some bloodcurdling demonic vocals from Vulchyn over some bright guitar work sets the tone of a waking nightmare before diving into some riffs that make you want to move while still having a sense of epic grandeur to them. There are similarities throughout the album to the work of Shokran so fans of 2019’s “Ethereal” should also enjoy this.

Red Cyclops” features Sergey Raev of Obscure of Acacia as a guest and like a lot of the material, it abandons the traditional verse-chorus structures and instead follows the storyline that The Contradiction have pieced together for the album with Vulchyn playing various characters throughout. A pummeling groove laden track, this one is going to work well live due to the music but doesn’t have the sing-a-long vocal hook moment to take it that extra half a yard. Diary of My Misanthropy join for “Pesedjet” which punches just as hard while also having an epic progressive climb and some just off blast beat kit work. There are also some Russian verses that appear in places and one appears on this before an acoustic flourish that injects hope into some of the darkness. A tension loaded dark and sinister introduction to “Rubiric Of Ahriman” which features Brojob shatters that hope before some juddering riffs bring in some crush to accompany one of the most brutal vocal performances on the album. “Raptora” brings to mind the early albums from Winds of Plague with not only it’s guitar stylings but it’s use of synths while it’s technical solo is mesmerizing and hypnotic. There is a ridiculous amount of skill on show throughout “Legion: The Fall” from The Contradiction and guests or no guests, they’ve created an absolute monster of an album. That Winds of Plague sense continues into “Athanaean” which features Marina who have previously shared stages with The Contradiction, to the point that there is an almost ethereal quality to the opening charges before they’re smashed into oblivion by the heavier aspects which you could loosely describe as Technical Progressive Deathcore at this point. There is so much going on within each track that it beggars belief at times.

It Is A Time Of Legend” takes the oriental leanings of some of the earlier tracks and turns them into a fully fledged instrumental in it’s own right with a tasteful solo from Tarassenko and some really interesting and vibrant percussion work from Grossman. “All Is Dust” sees John Wolfhooker join the party for a Progressive Tech-Metal track that is nothing short of epic with a colossal solo that is incredible. “The Wolf King” has Vladimir Lekhtinen of Second to Sun appear and has Vulchyn roaring with a sense of despair matched by some thunderous music while interweaving the lyrics like “The rampant of his enemies makes him want. To gather the hunt, to crush this scum. The time shall come, the Wolf King shall call for us” from the Warhammer 40,000 storyline. If you didn’t know about that aspect, then the hints within the lyrics are there to be found, though they’re by no means essential knowledge for enjoyment of the album. Closing with the short sharp shock of “The Wolf Time” which cries for the spilling of blood with some pummeling rhythmic poundings underneath a single deafeningly roared verse before it’s closing sinister note is the perfect way to end a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging listen that is a master work of creation [8.5/10]

Track listing

1. The Wolves Are Coming
2. Prospero Burns
3. Welcome To Sortiarius, Planet Of The Sourcerers (ft. Silent Generation)
4. Pavoni (ft. Andrew Ivaschenko of Shokran)
5. Red Cyclops (ft. Sergey Raev of Obscure of Acacia)
6. Pesedjet (ft. Diary of My Misanthropy)
7. Rubiric Of Ahriman (ft. Brojob)
8. Raptora
9. Athanaean (ft. Marina)
10. It Is A Time Of Legend
11. All Is Dust (ft. John Wolfhooker)
12. The Wolf King (ft. Vladimir Lekhtinen of Second to Sun)
13. The Wolf Time

Legion: The Fall” by The Contradiction is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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