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Bootleg: BroJob in West Chicago!

Pro-shot at The WC Social Club in West Chicago Illinois by Chevy Studios, a full set from Downtempo Deathcore bruisers BroJob has landed as they continue to support 2021’s “The Heaviest Album Of All Time“, from which the set includes “Get Ready For The Heaviest Shit You’ve Ever Heard“, “Extra Thicc” and “Temper Tantrum“. If

Review: “The Drakketh Saga” by Dragoncorpse

How can we put this? Lets try this… An actively growing concern since 2021 that has brought a trio of singles to the King’s table thus far, Dragoncorpse are an intriguing international prospect. Depending on where you look Dragoncorpse the bands sound has been defined as Death Metal that seamlessly blends Deathcore and Power Metal

NEWS: BROJOB get wild with “Recidivism”!

Originating as a comedy Deathcore band BROJOB have an rich history of creating controversy in the same way that bands like Party Deathcore merchants Atilla have done while not being afraid to take a few left turns and violent plot twists in their stride. After all, back in 2018 they released an EP called “Sleep

NEWS: Apastron return to break bones…

Albany New York Progressive Metalcore quintet Apastron introduced themselves to us with a crushing debut album five years in the making in “Laniakea” last October and a year on they have returned with “Fractured“, a new single that sees the joined by Jacob Wallace of Coldharbour and Brojob fame. Prepare to be spineshanked by this

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Slipknot.

Yesterday saw us throwback to 2010 and “Women and Children Last” from Murderdolls in tribute to the dearly departed Joey Jordison and so with heavy hearts we’ve decided to keep that run going and put together a pair of covers of a Slipknot classic. Rewinding the tape to 1999 and the Des Moines Iowa Monsters debut

Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Powerman 5000.

Ah the year 2000. How we spent many hours playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater #2 on the PC with it’s Alternative soundtrack blending Nu-Metal, Punk and Hip-Hop. After all, where else would you find Bad Religion, Rage Against The Machine and Mos Def on the same compilation? Critically acclaimed as being one of the finest

NEWS: VCTMS drop new single, announce festival show for 2021!

Tag teaming in Josh from Strangled as a guest for a new track “Between Tragedy Deadly Flowers Bloom” sees VCTMS punching hard, the Steamwood Illinois Nu-Metalcore Bad Luck Crew bringing the groove. The band have announced that they will joining BroJob, HIVE, Second Death and more at The 7th Annual Pizza Show: Bigger, Heavier, Cheesier

Review: “No Music Just Violence” by Until The Dead Walk

Whatevercore?! What the hell is that?! It’s a amalgamation of Metalcore, Hardcore and Deathcore styles which Louisville, Kentucky Monsters Until The Dead Walk are calling their signature style. Following up their 2018 EP “Dead Walking” with a full length album for 2020 going by the name “No Music, Just Violence” and bringing on board a

Review: “Astral” by Lost Conduit

13 different Deathcore and Death Metal vocalists make their presence felt with appearances across the 10 tracks that make up “Astral” by Lost Conduit. Just let that sink in for a moment. The project is the brain child of multi instrumentalist Drew Klugger and vocalist Justin Haskin of Desolist, that started with a dream of

Playthrough: “Bitchcraft” from By Will Alone!

Hailing from Tel Aviv Israel, trio By Will Alone took the sounds of “Suicide Season: Cut Up!“, the remix album from Bring Me The Horizon and reinterpreted it as their signature sound. The result is “Cult Of The Like“, an album which sees guest appearances from Luke Griffin (Acrania, Human Error, Scribe of Existence), Andrew Zink (BroJob, Into