Review: “Vicious Existence” EP by Choice To Make

Formed in 2018 and comprising of members of One Step Closer, Worn, and Strength for a Reason, who have all risen out of the Pennsylvanian Hardcore scene that brought you Jesus Piece, quintet Choice To Make have a reputation for creating a formidably fierce and energetic sound that delivers swift and potent blasts of raw energy, reminiscent of early Biohazard, late ‘80s Agnostic Front and Underdog. Hanging their collective hats on lyrics dealing with our society’s unbalance of power, the disparity between those with a silver spoon and the poverty stricken and the challenges that face any person attempting to live by a code of true morality, the street-blessed gritty form of integrity might be a surprise choice for releasing to the World on Valentines Day 2020. But neither they or Flatspot Records (Section H8, Typecaste) give a flying f*** about an occasion which started out with the best intentions and has become a commercialized nightmare.

The soothing Motown inspired introduction is blasted out of the water by the flourish of frenetic riffs that is “Disconnect“. Slowing down the energy levels in the back end, it’s a blistering introduction to a band that wants to be heard. During the build up to the EP release, Choice to Make vocalist Nate Preschutti said “The songs is about those who are lucky enough to be born with either financial or emotional wealth but look down upon or are disturbed by those who are in a situation that isn’t as good as their own. It’s a song that is written in hopes people can see a situation from another persons perspective” and that is something that’s captured to perfection in a short and sweet headbangable affair. “Fifty Nine” keeps that high energy output up like a pan on the boil with Metallic edged Hardcore Punk and a surprise face melter of a solo. Tackling an issue like Pedophilia in just 115 seconds is a short and fast burst that says what needs to be said with a venomous tongue and leaves no room for compromise. “Who Decides?” takes a leap of faith into a 54 second burst of Crossover Thrash reminiscent of Cro-Mags with complete with a whammy bar moment that raises the roof before the sinister riffs of “Midtro” take hold. A jagged edged instrumental, it’s mid EP gem that everyone needs to hear. Title track “Vicious Existence” takes a more traditional route to remain with some breakneck riffs with a stepped slow down to make way for a fist pumping gang chant moment that will go down a storm in the live arena. Final cut “June” was one again commented on in the build up to the release: “The message of “June” is just about trying your best to live in the current moment. It’s easy to get hung up on the things you have done or the opportunities you’ve missed and at the same time it’s just as easy to be worried about what’s to come; whether it’s the unknown future or the fear of not completing the goals you have set. The title of the song is after my grandmother June, she would always say “live in the moment”. Caleb wrote most of the music for the track and we laid it out as song together as a group. It’s definitely a good way to close to record musically”. The message is a simple one and it’s delivered with the passion, energy and focus that should make it stick. A track that steps away from some of the stylings on show while still keeping their integrity intact, a whammy bar moment choice and what you’re left with is something you want to listen to again almost immediately [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Disconnect
  2. Fifty Nine
  3. Who Decides?
  4. Midtro (Instrumental)
  5. Vicious Existence
  6. June

Vicious Existence” by Choice To Make is out now via Flatspot Records and available over at bandcamp.

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