Review: “Vs The World” EP by Death Warrant

Starting the post apocalyptic future that was the aftermath of Christmas off right, Reading Hardcore act Death Warrant – Ash (vocals), Hamish (guitars), Bart (bass), Damien (drums) and Emil (guitars) landed their sophomore EP “Vs The World” on 27th December 2019. The physical copy includes a pair of tracks they did on a split EP with Own Your Life so there is added incentive to snap it up (and get it signed if you’re lucky enough to see them live). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Machin and Rhys Thomas, both of whom are in fellow Reading band Arcaeon, the EP has cover artwork by¬† Szymon Lesniewski.

As the wind howls over your ears during the opening riffs of “Burn This City Down” you come to learn that the song has something of a split personality. The first half is a Melodic Hardcore brooding atmosphere builder that could be a separate introduction instrumental in its own right. The second half is the juxtaposition, the polar opposite if you will, bursting into blast beats and caustic vocals that rip down any pretence you might have created in your mind about what Death Warrant are about. The Hardcore infused Black Metal cut is nothing short of an eye popper. “War” still has that Black Metal influence but it’s kept in check as the band opt for some Crossover Thrash riffs and Hardcore breakdowns with Ash’s vocals occupying Deathcore territory with depth that wasn’t witnessed in the screeching of the opening cut. On paper you might not have thought that the styles would work together but Death Warrant prove they do with stylish perfection. Hammering in hard with slab after slab of Metallic Hardcore riffs “Ignorants” had the mid track Black Metal section that the band slide into and break out of with consummate ease as Ash roars “Cry me a river bitch“. Death Warrant arguably save their best for last with the stand out “All We Know“. It’s headbangable and catchy riff that builds into a breakdown to close is one that gets stuck in your head long after the track ends. Death Warrant deliver short sharp tongued tracks of venomous intent and you need to listen to this [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Burn This City Down
  2. War
  3. Ignorants
  4. All We Know

Vs The World” by Death Warrant is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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