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NEWS: Between. Beneath. Beyond. It can only be Arcaeon!

Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without a Sega Megadrive (or Genesis) inspired 16 bit chip tune re-imagining from Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon courtesy of their guitarist Sam Manchin and God only knows what we’re going to do when he’s run out of tunes to recreate with Yamaha goodness. This week he’s chosen “Beyond The Spires /

NEWS: Arcaeon take the pilgrimage to Arcadia!

Sega Sunday wouldn’t be complete without another genuine 16-bit re-imagining of one of the cuts from the debut album of Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon so this week guitarist Sam Manchin has, aside from finishing up the final details of the bands album release tour, been putting those Yamaha chip sounds to great effect with “Zenith

Review: “Kalos” by Fraktions

In 2017 London Progressive Metallers Fraktions were on a high, their debut EP “Anguish“, a concept release about mental health that takes the listener on a journey through multiple sound worlds taking them to Tech-Fest where they were joined by Kaan Tasan now of Heart of a Coward who reprised his role on “Panic“. But

NEWS: Arcaeon unveil July tour! That’s 2021!

Its finally official. Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon have announced all of the dates for their Midlands and Northern United Kingdom headlining tour that will see them give their debut album “Cascadence” the birthing that it really deserves. The run will be preceded by a belated album release show in London before they hit the road

NEWS: It’s the Mirrors Reflection for Arcaeon!

For Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon it’s Sega Sunday, so rounding off the week that has seen them announce a pair of shows in July in Liverpool with Where Oceans Burn, Cut Short and False Hope and in Glasgow with Burn The Dream, First World Hunger and Cut Short that will be part of an extended

NEWS: Arcaeon take “Ezekiel’s Wheel” 16-bit!

It’s been a strange coincidence but it’s now a couple of weeks in a row that within hours of German Death Metallers Profanity releasing a playthrough video, Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon have unveiled a Sega inspired 16 bit remix of one of the cuts from their debut album “Cascadence“. So this time out guitarist Sam

NEWS: Arcaeon take “Replicant” Sega 16-bit!

Another week another Chip Tune remix from Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon thanks to guitarist Sam Manchin. This time out he takes on “Replicant” from the bands debut full length album “Cascadence” with each of the four now out in internet land being Sega Megadrive inspired and created using authentic Yamaha chip sounds in glorious 16

Bootleg: “Ezekiel’s Wheel” from Arcaeon!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? no it’s Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon with a performance video for “Ezekiel’s Wheel” from their stunningly good debut album “Cascadence“. We’re not sure if it counts a bootleg but that’s essentially what it is as Stuart, Sam and Rhys perform the long as live in their own

NEWS: Arcaeon go 16-bit with “Ghost In The Machine”!

Want more Sega inspired genuine 16 bit Chip Tune remixes created with Yamaha chip sounds from Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon? Well you’re in luck as after Guitarist Sam Manchin knocked “Infernum Demergeris” and “Origin of Dreams” out of the park last week, he’s back with a version of “Ghost In The Machine“. All three songs

NEWS: Arcaeon go 16-bit Sega twice!

Having previously given us an 8-bit remixed version of their debut EP “Balance“, Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon have given us not one but two genuine full Sega 16-bit remixes using Yamaha chip sounds to add nostalgic tones to a pair of cuts from their debut album “Cascadence“. Guitarist Sam Manchin is the man behind the