Review: “Time To Die” by Smell Of Decay

Smell of Decay are a French Metal band from Paris formed in 2014 influenced by Thrash, Death Metal, Hardcore from Scorpions to Dimmu Borgir, they released their debut EP “E Pluribus Unum” in March 2016, which was followed a year later by debut full length album “To the Victory“. January 2019 then saw EP “Ultra Instinct” released unfinished as the original band split leaving their guitarist mastermind and founder as the sole member of the project. Refusing to let the band die a natural death, he went and recruited a new singer from Pennsylvania in the US. Together they wrote 11 songs for a new album as a fresh start, releasing 6 in EP “Time To Die” a year later in January 2020. Session musicians filled in on bass and drums with all songs written and recorded in France and vocals recorded in the USA alongside mixing and mastering. The goal is to flesh out the band once more and get back on the road…

…”Lust for hate” takes on typical Thrash lyrical themes of violence and war as it chugs at mid tempo like a tank rolling over the bones of their enemies before tempo shifting down for the final passage. The quality of the recording is a little raw but still clean and crisp enough not to sound muddy or distorted which gives it a rustic charm and nostalgic feel that anyone who traded tapes back in the day would resonate with. A lyrical depiction of the cover art is found in “Rotting Inside“, which brings to the plate the idea of the living deceased rotting away and feeling their flesh decaying in tormented pain. Musically it takes us on more of a Death Metal vibe with blast beats and some powerhouse fills but also offers some straight up riffs that evoke thoughts of the Misfits while having some decent tempo shifts like quicksand. Continuing the horror film mythology into “Seed of Hell” which offers up some more of the same killing spree riffs before a warped vinyl solo moment and a blistering finale, it’s a solid punch in the face to the detractors.

Raising the fickle finger of fate and pointing to those who have crossed the band “Deception” takes more of a personal standpoint as it chugs through with some squeals as its crossover hardcore roots show through. It stands up like a Sepultura demo before “Demonic Nemesis” kicks in with it’s satanic themes which brings more of that vibe to the table with some big breakdown moments and huge symbol crashes. Featuring a far improved kit performance it’s the stand out moment of the EP, full of big stomps and headbangable moments while also also having a breakout punk moment before the final crescendo. As you might expect, in the title track and finale, Smells of Decay have saved the best until last. The lyrical depiction of a Zombie Apocalypse is on point with the present time as fears of World plagues bring out the vocal mastery that builds on Thrash influences. More headbangable moments and some suitably crushing riffs are an absolute joy [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Lust for hate
  2. Rotting Inside
  3. Seed of Hell
  4. Deception
  5. Demonic Nemesis
  6. Time To Die

Time To Die” by Smell Of Decay is out now and available over at bandcamp

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