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NEWS: Smell Of Decay premier “Symatic”!

Without rhyme, reason or even a reasonable explanation for their frankly scandalous behaviour French-American Thrash Metal band Smell Of Decay have premiered a new single called “Symatic“. It is the first new material since the band dropped a sophomore EP “We The People” in 2020 and reading between the lines it is one that could

Bootleg: “Demonic Nemesis” from Smell Of Decay!

Pro-shot at The Clubhouse on The Hill in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on 19th March and dubbed the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre, French-American Thrash band Smell Of Decay took to the stage with A Common Crown. From that set “Demonic Nemesis” from their 2019 EP “Time To Die” has surfaced and it’s all neon green lights, the

NEWS: Smell Of Decay plant the “Seed Of Hell”!

Returning to their February 2020 released EP “Time To Die” for the second time this year,  French American Thrash Metallers Smell Of Decay have created a music video for “Seed Of Hell” with moments that look like they’re from the mind of Isaac Asimov. That record was followed by in their sophomore EP “We The

NEWS: Smell of Decay call time…

Parisians Smell of Decay have returned to their EP “Time To Die” for a music video for the title track. Created by mastermind RS, it depicts themes of corruption, greed and warfare that frequent the lyrics of the Thrash act in classical style, along with more than a hint of politically aware commentary. Since this

Review: “Self Titled” by Smell of Decay

Cutting their own path through the Jungle of this crazy existence, the anonymous pairing of Smell of Decay continue to thrive with a new self titled EP that follows on from their almost album length “Time To Die” that saw release in January. Take one French guitarist from Paris, the sole original member of a

NEWS: Smell of Decay unveil self titled EP!

It was only 8 months ago when Parisian Thrashers Smell Of Decay dropped their EP “Time To Die” but they’re already back with a new two track self titled offering. Available over at bandcamp, it includes both “Normal Destroyer“, which was released last week as well aa “Burn The Haze”. They’re calling it a new chapter, we’re

NEWS: Smell of Decay premier “Normal Destroyer”!

Smell of Decay, essentially a solo project from Paris France with US session musicians filling in the gaps and influenced by everything from Scorpions to Dimmu Borgir, have unveiled a new single in “Normal Destroyer” which marks the start of their next chapter. Thrash Metal with no walls, no poli-tricks, no religions. Just Brutal Music.

Review: “Time To Die” by Smell Of Decay

Smell of Decay are a French Metal band from Paris formed in 2014 influenced by Thrash, Death Metal, Hardcore from Scorpions to Dimmu Borgir, they released their debut EP “E Pluribus Unum” in March 2016, which was followed a year later by debut full length album “To the Victory“. January 2019 then saw EP “Ultra