Review: “Extreme Extinction” by Mass Murder

Italian brutal Death Metal group Mass Murder recorded their sophomore album “Extreme Extinction” at War Studios, except the vocals from Aldo Gorgoglione, which were recorded at Clab Studios by Angelo de Cosimo. In order to achieve a high level sound quality, Mass Murder decided in the mixing, which was done by 16th Cellar Studios by Stefano Morabito. The band, who are rounded out by Francesco Corcio (Guitars), Alessandro Sarni (Drums) Aurora Corcio (Bass) have put together and album which is focused on the concept of “divine retribution”, where an alien higher power determines the fate of human beings judging them for their sins. Entering their minds, he is able to bring out the darkest and the most hidden sides of their consciences and forces human beings to wish for death by feeding on their fears and on their desperate pleas for mercy. However, this is only the beginning of a psychological torture which will lead to the extinction of mankind…

It’s been five years since the debut “Aracnofrenik” from Mass Murder first appeared and in signing to Sliptrick Records for this new album it’s an immediate indication that they’ve produced something special. Most of the tracks are below the two and a half minute mark so we’re expecting this one to be a fast one. “No Mercy” is the sinister instrumental introduction that sets the dark tone for the record before the pulverising title track kicks you in the guts repeatedly as you lay on the floor in the middle of a bar fight. A tale of Global apocalypse at the hands of an Alien being told in the first person “Extreme Extinction” wastes no time in ripping chunks away from your ear drums. It’s not the Slam interpretation that Twitch Of The Death Nerve brought to the table last month and the vocals are very much on the audible size of unclean, which is some respects is a bonus, especially when such effort has been put into the very well constructed lyrics. “Refused Fate” could easily be a Sepultura demo from the mid 80’s and features a bruising bass solo in it’s cacophony of whirlwind drum fills and savage vocals. Taking things up notch and reminding of Russian brutes God Syndrome, “The Ancient Blade Of Suffering” is a full on, all out blistering, artillery regiment attack of a percussive performance from Sarni that must have cost the band a boat load of drum sticks. The double kick work is phenomenal and it’s clear that the mixing is exceptional as each musician gets the opportunity to shine.

That all out Warfare continues into “Nourished Pain” which has some Blackened Death Metal stylings to it with wave after wave of blast beats in bursts allowing for some Thrasher Death Metal riffs to play out between them. That gives the track a push me pull you vibe and is ideal for a circle pit. “Fed Up” takes the point of view that you don’t know what you want and your indecisive nature is frustrating, which plays out against a backdrop of high octane riffs what show off some Napalm Death style Grindcore influence while maintaining the flow and all out red mist rage of the album. More in the way of lead riffs come from Corcio on “Ruthless Judgement“, a nonstop monster of a ranting, seething, spitting affair before “Consumed By The Sin” takes the World and paints it black. Gorgoglione gives us some bowel clenching roars before some ruthless chord progressions at breakneck pace cut like razor sharp knives. Saving the best until last, “Disembowelment Form Impurity” sees Mass Murder joined by Luis Maggio of Bloodtruth and Sudden Death fame and the contrast of the two vocalists pitching gives everything lift. If you’re after an old school Death Metal album then this one is very much for you [7.5/10]

Track Listing:

  1. No Mercy (Intro)
  2. Extreme Extinction
  3. Refused Fate
  4. The Ancient Blade Of Suffering
  5. Nourished Pain
  6. Fed Up
  7. Ruthless Judgment
  8. Consumed By The Sin
  9. Disembowelment Form Impurity (feat. Luis Maggio of Bloodtruth, Sudden Death)

Extreme Extinction” by Mass Murder is out 7th April via Sliptrick Records

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