NEWS: Cope explore “Life In 3D”!

The debut album from London based Hardcore act Cope entitled ‘The Shock Doctrine’ will be self-released by the band on 22 May with new single ‘Life in 3D’ out now on all streaming services. In a whirlwind of riffage and with a powerful vocal delivery from frontman Tom Walker, the track serves as a vital introduction to the album.

Cope guitarist Josh Bowles comments: “The inspiration for this track actually goes way back to 2012, when this Texan dude made the first 3D printed gun and put the blueprints online. Since then, he’s been convicted of child sex offences and is no longer a key player in the movement (stand up guy, right?) but the damage has been done. These blueprints have already been downloaded thousands of times by f*** knows who, so it’s only a matter of time before that leads to a tragedy. I am all too aware of the US’s gun culture, and if this isn’t worth screaming about and drawing attention to, I don’t know what is”.

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