NEWS: Montreal’s Junkowl Premier Music Video “Crawling Up My Feet”!

Described as a slick combination of stoner riffs, hardcore energy and groovy bass, hailing from Monteral, Junkowl are expecting their debut album Making Out With My Death” on 5th June 2020. A 10 track record full of sultry and powerful songs about past regrets and self-destructive behaviour. It includes the band’s favourite “10,000 Vultures”, the first song the band ever wrote, which was completed after their first jam together. Almost all the lyrics were freestyle during that jam.

Vocalist Jesse Frechette explains the lyrical content on the album: “Most of my lyrics are about past regrets or self-destructive behaviour. Kind of indulging in negative thoughts and emotions. A lot of them were written while I was wasted. I like to think that the next album will have a much different lyrical theme but hey, old habits die hard”. On the single he continues: “falling in love with someone when you’re depressed or struggling with addiction, and essentially about how it’s pretty much impossible to love someone properly when you don’t love yourself”

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