NEWS: Worship open up a portal to Post-Metal!

Salinas, Californian post-metal band Worship have premiered the title track from their forthcoming new album “Tunnels” which is set for release on 17th July with pre-orders over at bandcamp. A monolithic and crushingly heavy record, it has been engineered by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City, Great Falls, Less Art) at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland California with mastering coming from James Plotkin (Conan, Sumac, Cave In). The six track efford sees the group expanding their doom laden, hardcore influenced fury and hopes to establish as a true heavy hitter in the genre.

Vocalist Andrew Cannon said of the track: “When I wrote ‘Tunnels’ I was living part time in Arizona with my family and part time in California because I work for Santa Cruz Skateboards. The song addresses the longing to be with people you can’t be with and finding solace in the trees that formed tunnels surrounding my apartment. Appreciating them helped to keep me present in the moment and appreciative of where I was, know that all things are temporary.

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