NEWS: Every Hour Kills announce “Reawaken” with “Veiled Aurora”!

First Single “Veiled Aurora” featuring guest vocals Shaley Bourget of Dayshell, ex-Of Mice & Men and a guest guitar solo Morgan Reid of Bloodshot Dawn, from Calgary Alberta Canada Metallers Every Hour Kills has landed but it’s going to be a while for the remainder of the EP so be warned. “Reawaken” isn’t slated to drop until 9th October, however the four track EP also features guest vocals Chris Thoresen of  Shark Infested Daughters and a guest guitar solo Travis Montgomery of Threat Signal so it will be worth the wait. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “With every release, we are trying to push ourselves technically, in the writing and thematically. We aren’t limited to any particular genre or style, whatever feels right and comes out is allowed to happen – whether that be a blast beat or a guitarless synthwave section.”

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