Review: “Beyond the Fog” by Warschach

Pronounced “War Shock“, Warschach is the brainchild of multi instrumentalist mastermind Kevin McKeon who performs everything (Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, “Drums”) with the exception of vocals and guitar solos on this debut EP “Beyond the Fog“. Those solos are taken up by Dustin Manucci while vocals on three of the four cuts are credited to Derek Franchetti, leaving Dylan Rosario to handle “Stares Back at You“. The result is a raw DIY Death tingled Thrash Metal EP mixed Tom Di Gregorio and something that is also an advertisement of a kind – McKeon wants to flesh this band out and play shows – he’s based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The raw sound quality of this EP doesn’t detract from the Technical Thrash content that it delivers thanks to a solid mix from Tom Di Gregorio. Yes the guitars are a little bit fuzzy and the drums are clearly programmed and mechanical sounding but the riffs are brilliantly executed with some electrifying technical solo parts. “Harbinger” is something of a throwback to the likes of Pissing Razors with some more groove orientation before “When the Night Brings” throws down the gauntlet with some Black Metal atmospheric elements and soaring leads. There is a surprise bluesy part in the earlier solo riff that is choice. “From The Ground Up” marches across similar lines until the melodic technical Death Metal solo complete with a huge whammy bar drop is jaw dropping. “Stares Back At You” sees the vocalist change over and the Rosario has a far darker growl to to Franchetti, which suits this track but wouldn’t have suited the earlier ones while the tune itself is far older in its influences. Throwing in gang chants is an interesting move that seems a little bit lost in the chaos of the sound but the track as with the EP is made by those lead parts. Let’s hope Kevin McKeon gets his dream and we get to hear this as a full band product [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Harbinger
  2. When the Night Brings
  3. From the Ground Up
  4. Stares Back at You (ft. Dylan Rosario)

Beyond the Fog” by Warschach is out now and available over at bandcamp

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