Review: “EOS” by The Bones Of God

“Exploring the sum of all human endeavour: the horror, the filth, the grim triumph, and the absolute desolation of life as we feed off our Earth, insects picking clean THE BONES OF GOD”. That is the mission statement of Melbourne Australian quintet The Bones Of God, a band who feature in their ranks members of Suldusk, Myriad Drone, The Valley Ends and now defunct New Zealand Tech Death titans Zerstiren. All of that means one thing – they have the résumé as a band of experienced musicians going into their debut EP “EOS” to be a mouthwatering prospect.

An order of Blackened Death Metal with a side of abrasive guitars, spine shattering blast beats and ferocious vocals is what “EOS” provides from the very start of the title track opening salvo. Recorded, mixed and Mastered by the bands own bassist Shane Mulholland gives him an extra insight into how he wants his band to sound and they sound huge. Taking Black Metal atmospherics and Death Metal riffs they find balance without fear, as they incorporate some ethereal clean vocals into a brief melodic passage that is the last thing you’d expect but works phenomenally well. In a contrast at the other end of the scale “Foul Seeds Will Rise” opens up the floor as a brutal slamming Death Metal track with vocalist Frederick Bain giving the likes of Vulvodynia frontman Duncan Bentley a run for his money. The choral aspect that is in behind the closing of the track adds a sense of majesty to a seriously impressive heavy hitting track and helps to set the tone for the melodic calm before the storm introduction to “Cold Clarity“. That calm is fairly short lived before a bruising tension filled track of gargantuan stature smashes through it. Interestingly bassist Josh Taylor is the man behind the guitar solos (as he is with the title track “EOS“) and he has them nailed on. Bain showcases a phenomenal vocal range and the riffs are brilliantly executed in what is a stand out cut here.

Embracing the Black Metal sound more with “Immaculate Dawn” that has a thunderous drum sound, front loaded with blast beats and a brooding, menacing darkness is a piece of brilliance and when those dark clouds split for another ethereal clean vocal break accompanied by some Melodic guitars before smashing back into some brutal Death Metal riffs, it’s not only a seamless style shift of effortless precision but also a tempo shift of sublime musicianship. Adding that aspect maybe considered brave as some fans on this genre may see that as being against the purist nature of the scene but it works so well that it should be embraced. It’s not over the top and has been well thought out so it doesn’t kill the mood or flow. Incorporating some staccato riff breaks and huge spine juddering breakdowns separated by Frankie Demuru’s killer blast beaks in “To The Sickening Earth” makes for anther killer cut of relentless rhythmic onslaught. The mix is perfectly balanced, the craftsmanship is exquisite and by the distorted spoken word closing that sounds like the voice from beyond the grave you’ll be wondering what you’ve just heard [9/10]

Track Listing

  1. EOS
  2. Foul Seeds Will Rise
  3. Cold Clarity
  4. Immutable Dawn
  5. To The Sickening Earth

EOS” by The Bones Of God is out now and available over at bandcamp.


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