Review: “apricity” by Vower

They say that when the time is right the stars align and things simply fall into place. So when five incredibly talented musicians needed a fresh project to rejuvenate themselves after some trying times, three years after the foundations were put in place, Vower came to fruition. Comprising of vocalist Josh McKeown (Palm Reader), guitarists Rabea Massaad (ex-Dorje, ex-Toska) and Joe Gosney (ex-Black Peaks), drummer Liam Kearley (ex-Black Peaks) and bassist Rory McLean the band recorded their debut EP “Apricity” at Middle Farm Studios in 2023. Given a title meaning “warmth of the winter sun” and a sound that blends the structure and atmosphere of Progressive Rock with the raw energy of emotive qualities of Post Hardcore makes this one an intriguing prospect…

Mixed by Machine (The Amity Affliction, Haste The Day, Lamb Of God) this four track, seventeen minute affair feels very much like just the tip of the iceberg, the starting point of a rewarding journey from a group of talented and passionate musicians who love creating music and aren’t afraid to push boundaries to allow those creations to match their collective visions. It’s a cliché but it’s the truth. If south coast Metalcore heroes Our Hollow Our Home did Post Hardcore then their interpretation of the genre would sound opening gambit “Shroud“, such is the quality and power of the clean sung chorus which has an air of Tobias Young about it as they soar. An atmosphere of tension that comes from feeling jaded, burned out and being at odds with those who surround you while seeking escape. Powerful riffs with hints of aspirations of more technical things set the tone and the musicianship overall is divine. “In The Wake Of Failure” continues the lyrical narrative with a musing on the shame of failure and other powerful chorus while the guitars have flavours from the more Progressive Metal works of bands like Earthtone9.

You can’t help getting lost in the mesmerising quality of the sound, especially when “False Rituals” has nuanced moments that have ethnic qualities of Arabian nights about them. Arguably the track that resonates lyrically the most, particularly with anyone who has suffered from anxiety or depression, for whom idle hands are the devils workshop and rituals like overloading on caffeine are required to get through the toughest of days. McKeown gives such an emotive performance vocally that you can feel the pain of going through the motions just to survive and that gives it a real spellbinding quality. Perfect Circle qualities bleed into “Eyes Of A Nihilist” the bass heavier in the mix to give a little more punch to the dynamic and melodic yet crushing riffs. Pushing your fingers into your eyes to dull the ache leaves you wanting more, the clean crisp drum sound Kearley has giving everything the perpetual forward motion it needs. The dark edges is really what makes the work of Vower shine, little nuances and fleeting moments from heavier climbs giving it a nice rounded feel [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Shroud
  2. In The Wake Of Failure
  3. False Rituals
  4. Eyes Of A Nihilist

apricity” by Vower is out 8th July 2024 and is available over at bandcamp.

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