NEWS: Junkowl get sick!

Staying in Canada, Junkowl, the 2019 “En Route To Heavy Montreal” Champions are a slick combination of stoner riffs, hardcore energy and groovy bass, who recently released their debut album “Making Out With My Death” this past June. It’s a ripper with Everytime I Die and Cancer Bats vibes that everyone can enjoy and as the band continue to promote it, they’ve unveiled a video for “Sickness Lives“.

Vocalist Jesse Frechette comments: “We had a lot of fun shooting this video. It’s our second time working with Dark Moon Productions, and we’re really stoked to share this one. We chose the song ‘Sickness Lives’ because we found it really fit with the times. The track is about living in a sick society ruled by greed, and turning to drugs and alcohol to try and escape that reality… but now with everything going on in the world, I’m sure people will interpret it differently and we’re okay with that.”

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