NEWS: Lutharö hail “Blood Lightening”!

March saw Canadians Lutharö follow up to debut “Unleash the Beast” with “Wings of Agony” and, innovatively combining elements of Power Metal with Melodic Death Metal, minus the Symphonic moments. They’ve shared a video for “Blood Lightening” from the release, which is available over at bandcamp.

The band explains the video and track: “The song ‘Blood Lightning’ is about having such an extreme passion for something so much so that it sets your soul on fire, for better or for worse. It is the endless struggle of putting your blood, sweat, and tears into something and receiving next to nothing in return. However, when you do catch a glimpse of your progress, it is enough to keep pushing forward even when you are constantly being beaten down and put to war. The music video for ‘Blood Lightning’ showcases all of the physical, emotional, financial, etc. Hard work that is put into pursuing your dreams in music. The shots taken to look like the set of a video shoot are meant to resemble the business aspect/ behind the scenes work of being a musician, but also the high of performing live and seeing your visions come to life. While the single shots of each member in the middle of a storm are meant to display the emotional sacrifices and hardships that each individual goes through.”

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