NEWS: Thanatopsis premier “Embodiment”!

Having released some demos independently between 1993 and 1997, Californian Thrash infused Death Metal quartet Thanatopsis have finally set a date of 23rd October for “Initiation“, their debut for Extreme Metal Music. Recorded at Trident Studios with renowned producer Juan Urteaga (Exodus, Testament, Machine Head), 3/4 of the original band have reunited with the new of drummer Jason Borton (Jungle Rot, Arkaik) to re-record a selection of the older cuts, giving them a fresh lease of life as well as adding new material. Here’s “Embodiment” from the record.

The band comments: “It has been a long time in the making and we are very excited to present to the world the first official full-length Thanatopsis album “Initiation”. This album contains timeless songs that fans, both old and new, will appreciate. Bringing our sound to the masses has been a collective dream of ours for a long time. In a scene that is saturated with bands, we are proud to release something that is unique in character to the metal world at large. This is a song that has been demoed a few times in the past, but due to various reasons it has never been done to the band’s satisfaction – until now.  While this song is about the personal experience of vocalist John Bishop, it also has content that many can relate to as it describes a search for a faith that uncovers untruth and ends in despair.”

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