NEWS: This Is Endless premier “As I Suffocate” music video!

London Death Metallers This Is Endless have unveiled a music video directed by Daniel Barnes for “As I Suffocate” from their absolutely brilliant new album “Formations of a World Below“, which was recorded and mixed by the legendary Russ Russel (Napalm Death, At The Gates, Evile). If you’ve not yet heard it, we highly recommend it. Feel free to check out our review and snap it up over at bandcamp.

On the single, This Is Endless comment: “As I Suffocate is the moodier, darker, groovier brother of The Damned and the Weak. The track twists and turns between the offbeat rhythmic verses and groove laden choruses before spiraling into a neck snapping ending. The track is claustrophobic and unsettling with the video imagery cutting in between a studio performance from the band.”

Vocalist Jeremy Solomon states of the album: “This album was the paradox of enjoying negative emotions. The beauty of being in a room locked away with my old school brothers from Ted Maul, Dripback, Dead Beyond Buried and Onslaught was a good place to be. We sweated buckets of yellow moist, arguing, drinking with extreme devilry and enjoying it at the same time. But no doubt ‘Formations of a World Below’ felt like a mental asylum at times. Music and writing will always be a catharsis, a way to release negative emotions and focus on something we all enjoy. You could call it the shit pot because its where I can dump all my bad emotional baggage. I put that that energy into writing riffs and lyrics and letting it all out in different forms, it keeps me level and sane”

Guitarist Mike Lee continues: “We’re unique in that we all grew up listening to the same bands across various genres and being influenced in the same way, but we express that in very different and individual ways. And when it reacts, its like a big melting pot of the best things we love about extreme music. You can hear the hardcore influences in the riffs and gang vox, you can hear the death metal influences with the blast beats, and then you sprinkle all those over elements like black metal, grindcore and modern metal on top and its f***ing beautiful. We do what we do because we love it, and that’s who we are…..old school devils from London who don’t give a f***” 

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