Riff Police! Pull Over! #116: Suicidal Tendencies Vs Cradle Of Filth!

1987 saw the second album “Join The Army” from American Crossover Thrash act Suicidal Tendencies appear four long years after their debut. Recorded with Lester Claypool at Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles California. Line up changes meant that while he never actually recorded any music, former guitarist Jon Nelson, who was in the band between 1983 and 1984 was credited with writing parts for a trio of songs that wound up on the album including arguably it’s best known single “War Inside My Head“. Not one for waiting for royalties cheques, he traded his rights for that particular song for a Flying V guitar after he exited stage left. The album brought about more of a Thrash Metal influence in the guitar work, accredited to Rocky George…

…some 19 years later we find ourselves on the doorstep of The Chapel Studios in South Thoresby, Lincolnshire. That’s where the majority of “Thornography”, the seventh studio album from Extreme Metallers Cradle Of Filth was recorded. Oddly produced by ex-Anthrax current Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano before being mixed by the legend that is Andy Sneap (Testament, Killswitch Engage, Kreator). Vocalist Dani Filth described the album as a concept looking at “mankind’s obsession with sin and self“. A step on from that, he would describe single “Tonight In Flames” as a song which examines if “even the most ardent supporter of peace can be drawn into violent conflict if their faith is shattered beyond repair“. The question is, how much of Caggiano’s influence put a Suicidal Tendancies riff into the minds of Cradle’s Axe Attack duo Paul Allender and Charles Hedger?!

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